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Promotional Products

Navigating all the options and making the right choices when it comes to ad specialty items can be challenging: choosing the right promotional products and suppliers, inventory issues and production schedules, decoration options and quality issues, the list goes on.

Print Services

Print management can be a full time, complex, ever-changing job that can eat up your most precious resource – time.  Our distributor model for printing services gives you one source and one solution for virtually all your print needs.

Apparel Products

We can help you design a program that meets your specific requirements with all the major brands. We then automate the process with a custom web-store, virtually eliminating the labor intensive manual processes of ordering corporate apparel.

Select Inventory/Distribution

Cost effective distribution of your operational items, marketing collateral and brand merchandise requires a capable, outsourced partner. Our integrated inventory module, along with professional logistics, will give you the control you need and the confidence that you are operating at maximum efficiency.

What company store is right for you?

Midwest Select is a program which allows your to optimize profitability by consolidating your orders into a single source and simplifying your procurement in the process. Find out how a company store from Midwest Select can boost your business.

Client Branded Design


Launch your store quickly and cost effectively and choose from a variety of layout options. 100% control of category and product names makes products easy to find.

Intuitive End User Experience


User groups guide buyers to relevant items and easily navigate to product categories. Access your custom page 24/7 with a responsive and mobile friendly platform.

Inventory & Distribution


Control product visibility by location, department, and category through credential-based permissions and user groups. Manage user ID’s through an administrative dashboard. 

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